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'94 Mustang wheels on '65 - will they work?

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Anyone know if I'd have any problems fitting '94 15" Mustang alum. wheels (tri-spoke style) onto my '65 Mustang w/disc brakes?  Pattern is the same (5 x 4.5) but they look to have a more "outboard" offset.  I am taking my car to the painters in Jan. and am trying to find some cheap wheels/tires to mount for the painter.  I can pick these up pretty cheap. 

Anyone looking for some cheap wheels/tires if I buy these after the painters?  They have plastic center covers too.

ol dirty doug:
they should be fine and if you are only using them on the car while it is being painted, if there is any clearance issues just space them out with some washers.  both cars share the same bolt pattern.

The backspacing is most likely different, so may not fit.  Don't use washers though.  You can buy spacers that fit over all 5 lugs that is safer than washers.  They look something like this.  You can even buy longer lug bolts to help cinch the lug nuts up to factory specs. 
Do you know how to check the backspacing measurements?  If not, let us know. 

ol dirty doug:
when i said use washers i did not mean while you drive, just for when it is in the paint booth so you do not ruin the other wheels with overspray.

Oh, OK.  I thought it was meant for a driver wheel.  I can't read between the lines anymore.   ;D


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