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'94 Mustang wheels on '65 - will they work?

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ol dirty doug:
hahaha its all good!  :) 

I ended up buying them.  They were just so cheap I figured I couldn't go wrong, so I tried one on and it fit just fine.  No issues. ;D

That's good to know.  Now, get the car painted and show some after shots. 

I just got a call last nite from my upholstery guy, and his wife is having a baby so he has to cancel me.  That's a bummer since I had everything all lined up and set.  Restart. :(

Bummer.  I reupholstered my interior myself, and it turned out excellent.  It's not really all that hard, but you need patience and time to do it.  The only difficult part was the headliner, but I had a pro do that.  You have to take out the windshield and the back window on a 65-66  to do it, and I wasn't going to risk screwing up either the new headliner or the glass. 


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