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'69 2-Door Hardtop w/factory 302

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I have rcently acquired a '69 2-door hardtop with a factory 302.  It is all original with 81,000 orginal miles and has had only one owner(a little old lady bought it new).  Can anyone help me find out anything about this car.  I was told that only 12 were made and shipped to different dealers in California to be used as display/demo models.  Any information anyone can give me or direct me to where I can find the information myself, would be greatly appreciated.



With the information you are giving us there is nothing telling us it's a rare model. I had a 69 hardtop Mustang with a 302 and there was more hardtop Mustangs produced than fastbacks and the 302 engine was one of the most common engines.
The mileage and the shape of the car can make it very valuable but other than that it seems like a basic Mustang.
If you still have the door tag this could give you more information.

Will get back to you with the other information and numbers.  Still have the door tag also. When I go to NADA to get an estimated value, the 302 is not an option.  They claim to only have been built with 351's and straight 6's.  Thanks for your help.

It seems they are wrong. You can see how many 1969 302 coupes are for sale on Ebay here:
Ebay listing
Here is also a list of options available at that time including the 302 engine:
1969 Mustang specifications

Jerry Baker:
Ok Im with thierry on this one.  I have a book just on the 1969 and in that year the 302-c.i.d 2v is listed as a RPO and that is the only way it is offered.

RPO = Regular Production Option

in 1969 it says that the only motors offered were

200   (Six-Cylinder)
250   (Six-Cylinder)
302   (2v)
302   (4v "Boss")
351   (2v)
351   (4v)
390   (4v)
428   (4v Non-Ram-Air)
428   (4v Cobra Jet "Ram-Air")

the only limited production in 69 would have been the boss 302 and then maybe the shelbly but Im thinking they made a few more shelbys then they did the boss.

Now if this car has some paper work with it showing that it was something made for upper managment or like you said as a demo then you may have something, but they would have to have some major paper trail to go with them or the vin number listed somewere.

My books don't show anything like that.  Sorry I couldnt be more help


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