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'69 2-Door Hardtop w/factory 302

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Sounds like you have a cherry classic there.  For 17 bux, I think I would get a Marti report and document everything.

My 69 hardtop with factory air and power steering shows an F code on the Vin code plate which stands for 302 engine with a 2v carb. Am I correct and is this a rare engine in my car.  Just wondering after reading the above posts.

I was also under the impression that there were fewer hard top 69's built than fast backs. At least you see more fast backs around.

The fastbacks may be more valuable for those looking to restore a classic, and that may be why you see more of them on the street now than the hardtops. 

im wondering is there any way to get a warranty put on the older mustangs?


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