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'68 Vacuum Diagram 289/302

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Does anyone have the vacuum diagrams for a '68 with 289 or 302?

Thanks. :-D

Same question.  Replaced all my tubing, car runs 100% better, yet when i hook the vacum advance up to the distributor, it over advances ~45 degrees.  Bad.

I'm afraid you guys are going to have to buy the CD from Virginia Mustang.  Surely the 67 and 68 are the same.

I ended up buying the vacuum diagram as well as a shop manual for my '68.  If you still need it, let me know and I can post it on my site or email the image to you.

I am sure more people would be interested to see the vacuum diagram. If you decide to post it on your site, you can give us a link here to the page where we can find it. It could also be added to the classic Mustang FAQ.


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