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'68 Engine Swap - 302 2V Carb swap for 5.0L Fuel Injection


I've run into a few guys that keep telling me to visit the salvage yard and pickup a 5.0L EFI engine and tranny to swap out. They tell me it'll improve the gas mileage as well as overall performance I get out of my 68.

Is this true and is it an easy swap.  I have a engine hoist and stand that my uncle gave me but I've never attempted to remove the current engine as it runs ok.
I'm no gear head, but I can turn a wrench and use tools.  Is this an easy swap to convert everything?  Seems a bit daunting when I think about it. ???


There is a very famous saying....."If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  If your car is running fine with the classic set-up it has, why screw around with it?  Keep it original.  No, it's not an easy swap, and it is expensive.  It would take you many years to realize a savings in gas by going from a carbureted engine to an EFI. 


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