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'66 Engine Swap


Hello! I am new to the world of Mustang and in need of a little info....recently purchased an immaculate '66, 200 V6, 3 speed. Aquired a 289 w/auto tranny from a donor '66. I need to know what needs to be done for a successful swap i.e., front springs, motor mounts, etc. And what tranny it most likely is. Also I understand the Granada front end is a bolt on match for an inexpensive upgrade, is this so? Sorry for the long post

that is exactly ehat you need. New springs for the added weight, egnine mounts and cross members maybe.

I think the granada is for 69-73 only but dont quote me on it.
dont worry about the long post ,just fell free to write away and welcome to the club and post pics.Dustin

Thanks for the info, Dustin. As for the looks as though the ones on the car will work if you swap sides and relocate them to the firewall side of the shock tower? If not, where can I find the ones I need? I had the feeling on the Granada. A buddy has a '67, and by looking, it looks like a direct bolt on for the '67 and up? but not the '66. Could also use some help with the rear end. The car came stock with 4 lug wheels, 4 wheel drums. I would like to change to 5 lug and front disc (cheaply!!!) :-D

welll you could change the rear end or the axles . Beaer brakes make direct bolt on disc for fron and rear ,Its only 1200 for the front and 900 the back. :-o lucky my stang already has front disc so I am thinking about saving up and getting the rear.It should only take about a
any local auto parts store will have them plus its better to go ahead and buy new ones for more added insurance.

Yeah, I've seen the disc brake upgrade from Baer, $$$$! But if I go with the Granada, I will have worn out 20 year old technology! Guess its worth the $$ to be safe. Thanks for the help.


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