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"66 289 Carb/Manifold


Ken Moore:
My Stang is in need of a new carb. Although the old 2brl Holly still works she's a bit (a lot) on the lean side. I have been shoping around and keep getting pointed to the Edelbrock Performer 600cfm and matching manifold. The engine is stock except for headers.
I have spoken with the Edelbrock tech and he say's they recomend the 5oocfm model and possibly the 600 but may be a little rich.

I realy cant beat the price of the 600cfm $266.00 at Kregen
the 500cfm is about $310.00
and $160.00 for the manifold at Ace auto parts.

My question to you guys is should I go with the 600cfm?
What are some of you guys using?

Ken Moore:
Also it has 302 heads and autotrans. Fresh block

Ken Moore:
Welllllll !!!!

I think I'm going for the 600cfm Edelbrock.

I would like to thank those of you who piped up to help me decide.

(none) :-(

My appologies for not giving much advice to other topics. A lot of them seem to be answered previously or I just dont know the answers to give. This Mustang is a new thing for me and I am not familiar with the other models.

Also the response time here (at least this week) seems to be a bit slugish.

You other members need to "Pony Up" more frequently. :lol:

I (myself) will try harder to stimulate this site.  :-)

Oh!   the babe of the week pics... get some fresh meat!!!!

sorry but Ive been at school , night classes are kicking my butt. Anyway 500 would be fine, but make sure you get a new manifold also get hotter plugs to handle the increase in gas. plus update the Ignition buy getting the Ignitor by petrox, it will replace your points and condiser,unless you wann upgrade and get a new distributor and eletronic box.

what wrong with the chicks have you ware them out already are are they getting old and saggy>lol

Ken Moore:
As far as the babes go ,, They seem to be the same ones over and over !!!

I am going to use the 600cfm carb as I will be running headers also.


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