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2ND Annual Warriors for Charity Car and Bike Show

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warriors for charity:
Car Toys has 53 foot mobile stage coming buck 25 will be playing..also Hooters is on board for all day pics and free hot wing coupons...have lots of giveaways so cant wait get registered early limited to 300 cars!!!!!

warriors for charity:
we also just booked the Heroz Motorcycle Stunt team for the day cant wait show is going to be just awesome!!!!!!

warriors for charity:
new update!!!!!!  We have just booked the US Army 4th ID Rock Band and also the Pikes Peak Derby Dames for photos!!!!  So get with me lets get all these registrations done.........719-369-8653

warriors for charity:
Just found out we have been given a new PS3 and a Xbox for giveaway tickets will be only $1.00 donation.  We also have many dinner vouchers and automotive giveaways. Dont forget about the $600.00 Tattoo being given away at the end of the day from TattooX this is a $5.00 donation drawing will be held at the end of show.

warriors for charity:
28th of august is coming quick so get all the registration forms in asap...thanks


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