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 I find my self these days struggling through long days of work to arrive home tired. But the moment my eyes fall upon that sweet machine sitting quiet in my garage,  I smile.  This is the same year mustang my older brother bought back in 1974 and I still remember the day he drove it up the driveway. I was 13. Old enough to appreciate it's sleek lines, powerful sound, and low wide stance. He was 20 and working at the Ford Foundry in Windsor Ont. Shortly his  carreer choice sent him back to university and as he needed cash for tuition, he sold the car to my sister. She did not have the same attachment or appreciation of its character as any man did. Windsor's salt took it's tole on this car and it simply rusted away. I always felt a little bad about that.
   So 34 years, one great wife, 3 kids and 1 carreer later, I found one again. And now it sits in my garage. I have worked on it steady for almost 2 years. One more year's labour and finding cash for a quality paint job and the effort ends and enjoyment begins..

 As this is the first posting for BC in this forum, I wanted to start it off with my story and invite those of you with similar appreciation of this cars simple beauty to join with your thoughts.  Welcome

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 Welcome to our forum Ggaude. I love your story and I hope it will not stay unseen in this deep section of the forum  :)
Any information about your Mustang? Is it a 73? I bet your brother and sister will ask for the keys once you are done the restoration. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Thierry ,
  Iím sure in time there will be another to pass by this page and hopefully leave a quick note.

  FYI Ė it is a 73  with a 302 2V. ( well it was anyway)
I struggled, as many do Iím sure, with;
-  leaving it, as far as I can tell, totally stock, with original paint or
- rebuilding it with a little more oomph, but not crazy.

 So I decided on leaving both options open.  I have rebuilt the engine ground up with block .30 over and whole new top end with the Edelbrock 2091 power package .. heads, cam, timing, intake .. blah blah.. and added  a 600 cfm 4 bbl carb.

 All that after the obligatory hand scrubbing, degreasing, derusting and metal work, sanding, priming and repainting of the engine bay. I then repainted the engine with original paint scheme so it still looks stock as all the changes are on the inside.

 I am half way through this winters objective of new suspension, handling package, new fuel delivery system, dual exhaust, and new interior. All will look era correct.  But I have retained every original component to keep the totally stock, option open as well.

 AfterI had the first 500 miles on motor, I took a early fall road trip to Calgary Alta and back to Vancouver.  Zero problems. Without a doubt the best road trip of my entire life. Top down, sunshine and cruising  through the BC Rocky Mountains !

Cheers !

That's a great story.  From what I can see of the car it's beautiful.  But my question is...will the 600 cfm be enough for the .30 over engine or would it be better to do a 700 doube pump on it?  Definately keep us posted and I hope to see more pics in the Spring when she's out in all her glory.

Great idea to leave the Mustang original and modify invisible things to make it better and safer. 
 It must certainly be nice going for a road trip with the top down. If you felt Calgary was too close for a road trip why don't you bring it over here in Eastern Canada next year.
There is some nice Mustangs from all over Canada and the USA at the Atlantic Nationals car show
It would be a full week road trip each way and a good test for your Mustang   ;D
Seriously, if you have more photos of your Mustang feel free to post them here or in the new photo gallery. Great restorations like yours need to be shown :)
New photo gallery (Under construction)


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