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'05 - '10 model seats/headrests


Had not noticed my seat to be a problem in our '06 convertible.  Quite comfortable actually.  However, my wife  :-* is finding this new 'forward-slant' headrest a real pain  :P as she prefers to sit bolt upright.   I'm thinking I'll have to be making a visit to my local wrecking yard, looking for a pair of destroyed seats and try to find a match for these headrests...  Anyone got any other idea one might consider as just raising the headrest doesn't help at all..

Bill in Richmond, BC

There have been a lot of complaints about the headrests hitting folks in the back of the head because they are slanted forward too much.  Your suggestion of going to a junk yard and find some 02-04 headrests sounds like the best solution.  Mustangs don't come in too many interior colors, so you will probably find some.  Good luck!

I know this is a old post but just in case anyone needs info in the future.  2005-2009 Mustang Tilting Headrest are available from MRT

Thanks BlackShadow.  Unfortunately Internet Exploder comes up 'blank page' this URL.   Still interested though.
BTW..  That '65 in black must look absolutely AWESOME!!!

Bill the Phoneguy

Try again I fixed the link I think      :o   


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