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What colour carpet?

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Gday All
  I have a 65 vert Honey Gold with a black roof.
Dilemma is it has a Ivy green and white interior so what colour carpet will look best?
  Wife wants black........ ::)

One hell of a first post. Welcome. Keep in mind, you got to live with the wife, and she's always right (even when you are). You can use logic to make your point, but may (will) loose, so try the money aspect. If the interior code on the door data plate lists a white/ivy gold combination (D8 for standard interiors or F8 for the delux interiors), a change will reduce the value. Simple enough. The question remains - do you want to sleep in the car?

Thanks for the welcome!
Well apparently the wife would prefer i had a mistress because she (wife) would see me more often!
 Yep she is a luxury girl (the car that is)

mmmm.. might have to be black, :-X

Black carpet ALWAYS looks dirty.  It will show every little bit of anything not carpet.  The gold carpet is much easier to look clean.  That's what I have in my 65.   Welcome to the site.  If you have a question that needs an opinion, you have come to the right place.  ;D

Soaring has a good point. If you spend less time cleaning the carpet, your wife will see you more often.  ;D
A gold carpet will also match the gold paint.


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