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Hi Guys my name is John I am restoring a 1967 Mustang coup from the ground up. Right now I am replacing the D/S frame rail in the front. I need to know what kind of paint ford used in the engine compartment. Also what type of paint for the undercarriage I want to stay as close as possible to the way the vehicle came from the factory. This vehicle will be a driver but will go into shows so I want to be as close as possible to factory. Thank you.

First - welcome.
Now the bad news. The type of paint you want is no longer available for a couple of reasons, EPA regulations and new paint developments. The best you can do is to replicate color and texture of the types of paint the Ford used as well as the procedure.
The undercarriage was primed usually with a red primer although black and gray were used. All were flat textured. Small quantities of leftover body paint were added to the primer so the actual colors was inconsistant. This primer was painted over the entire undercarriage and front end from the doors forward with nothing installed. Then the doors and trunk lid were installed and the car was painted the final body color. The engine compartment was then painted semi-gloss black with the painter standing on the car's assembly rack. This limited what got painted. The transmission tunnel, for example, was painted only as was as the painter could reach and overspray was common. This also applied to the strut rod bracket as well, the top was black, the underside was primer. It was sloppy so don't be too concerned with accuracy.
Some red primer paints you can use:
R-M - A1787
Ditzler/PPG - 13075
Dupont - 4735
Krylon primer in a can is sometimes used.
As to the black: the biggest mistake is to use too glossy of a paint. Semi-gloss or satin paints vary in 'sheen' and flat is too flat.
Recomended is - PPG DAR9000 with DX685 flattener. You will need the DX685 specifications sheet to mix the flattener and catalyst according to eggshell which is about 30-35% gloss.
If that gets to be past your budget, try but don't use their underhood black as it is too glossy.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the information It will come in handy.

 The red oxide was only used on the San Jose built cars in 65. If your car was built in Dearborn or Metuchan it would be semigloss black on the underside. So, if your vin starts out with 5F or 5T, and not 5R, semigloss black would be correct, along with being a look that you prefer. Personally, I think that the black looks better. It's also much easier to maintain.

Thanks for the information on the semi gloss black paint. I will paint it that color. I am still working on the sheet metal at this time. Then I will clean the eng. compartment and paint it. Thanks again for the information.


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