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San Jose built Mustangs in 1966 used all kinds of primer, black, gray and red. I had a March 66 build Fastback (it speaks with an Australian accent now) that had red primer. I used a red Krylon primer for almost a perfect match. My two Oct 65 San Jose build 66 Mustangs have a dark gray almost black primer so there is no consistency. Ford was frugal and did not throw away old paint or small leftover batches. They mixed them with the primer so any color was possible. In most cases, it has a flat texture, not semi-gloss.

Thanks, for the advice. I am thinking of it too.

wat bout 66 from dearborne? wat color was the undercarriage? also wat did ford call the ivy green? or was it ivy metallic green? im goin with acrylic enamal

The undercarriage is semi-gloss black or any other myriad combinations becase like Jim said, they didn't waste paint so mixed all sorts of colors for the undercarriage, but I would go with semi-gloss black.  Google 1966 Mustang colors to see the original factory colors.  I'm watching Football.   ;D

Here is a good site. Click on the color name of your choice and you will see pictures of Mustangs with that color:


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