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tips and trick with bondo

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The point is that bondo type fillers should be used sparingly.  If you have to fill a hole with it, you are using the wrong product.  It is to be applied in a very thin bed, then sanded down as Stephen has described.  I use a wide putty knife to apply it, then go back several times with the putty knife to make sure that only the slightest indentions in the metal are filled with it.  When you are through sanding and have it tapered to nothing, then use a self etching primer and put color to it asap.  Primer will absorb moisture, so do not leave it out in the rain or wash the car before color. 

dont wanna use a etch primer on filler only bare metal not even over paint, over the filler you need to use either an epoxy or a 2k sandable primer

I just now read where I wrote etching primer instead of epoxy.  That was a slip....sorry.  Musta' had too much California red that night.  ;D

  okay guys, I have built alot of hot rods with my father but never spent time watching or working with bondo. As you know I had to get my quarters on and I used Evercoat lightweight, not bondo, but is suppose to be close. Anyways, I found that I put it on and started sanded and took it all right back off.

 I kept trying to put it on thin and build it up but those welds were big and not sure if I messed it up or not. Like I said ew to this and really trying to take my time. The car was done a while ago and is in the garage everyday so I am not trying to rush anything. I also will have patch panels put on them time soon I am going to put on pics of what happened, from the weld to first coat, all the way to the primer. I will try to use different pics than on my other post. I also had to build up the side from where the mach one sign would go to the front of the rear quarter. I know Thierry said you don't want to use more than 1/4 and I am afraid that I might have use more than that guys take a look at the pics and let a brother know.

If I need to fix it I can like I said it only has primer and really itsn't done now anyways, but about 85% complete. I will still have to strip the primer off and touch it up before I seal it and throw the paint to her. I think I did a good job but let me know and remember I am in the army I have tough skin,lol. I will cry in my bathroom.

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here is another, and remember I can spray primer to save my @$$

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