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hey brother it is all good man, you are still the best canadian friend I have,lol.


--- Quote from: Soaring on May 15, 2008, 03:48:57 PM ---Russ, I am not a body expert, but I have seen where other guys had to drill holes in the metal, then press the body filler into the holes and spread it on the flat surface.  They were then able to sand it down to almost bare metal, but still have the bondo stick so they could get it paper thin.  Stephen will be along shortly to either correct me or confirm.   ;D

--- End quote ---

they used to do that back in the day glen with the holes, you would drill a hole put a screw in it and pull it with a slide hammer to it was near flush. technically you need to weld up those holes afterward. if you don't weld the holes up then the filler wiped over the holes will quickly absorb water leading to rust. (if you don't have a welder some guys use fiberglass matt and resin to fill small holes, but you have to tap them slightly lower to use it.)

when wiping filler you ideally want a bare metal surface with 36-80 grit scratches. what i do is wipe a thin layer of filler on spread it all around, then the 2nd, 3rd etc. i use a cheese grater to knock down the high spots in the filler while its drying(not wet just where its tacky and slightly solid) then i normally use 80 grit, if i need to wipe it again i use filler. then repeat the process.
then if it needs it i use the spot filler, i don't use that 1k(lacquer based) spot putty. I use a 2 part finishing glaze it is  just like regular filler but a lot thinner. i go over everything with 220 then prime, then block with 320,if its needed i prime once more then block with 320, then 600-800 for sealer then paint normally if i need the second coat of primer i lightly spray a guide coat on the panel(contrasting color shows what you might miss with the feelings from your hands.) after the second coat this will ensure i am able to "see" if its straight this really helps out when your new to getting the panel straight.

also one of the best sanding blocks you can use is the paint mixing sticks long flexible and about 1cent :P

Paint mixing stick, huh?  They are free at Ace.   ;D  Yeah, after I wrote that about drilling holes, I remembered you had to weld them shut or they would rust.  So, I guess the best thing to do is get down to bare metal and scuff it up some so the bondo sticks.  I absolutely hate body work.  It is very time consuming and is a tremendous amount of labor.  I envy anybody who does it well. 

Well I hope to be going home soon and will try it. I will end up trying to do to much and forget something. I only get  a few weeks at a time and live and the garage while I am there. Keep it comming thanks guys

Here is another link for you.  These guys are professional body guys.
Just some more information to help you get that Mach standing tall.


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