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Soda Blasting-Good or Bad?

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I was thinking of Soda Blasting my Mustang but then read that it is not a good thing to do. New paint does not want to stick, the baking soda gets into everything, some said that the soda keeps coming out from under the dash months after the car was blasted. Has anyone had their car Soda Blasted? I am sure it would be best if the car was stripped of everthing but I was just going to just remove the bumpers and was told nothing would be harmed except the plastic parts which these cars do not have musch of. Thanks. 

No one has had their car soda blasted??? Or know someone who has?

I have not personally tried it, although I have wanted to but didn't have the money.  Through what I have read and seen it is a good way of removing paint.  If you prep the metal after you strip it like you should whether it be soda blasting, bead blasting or any other forms I don't see how it will affect the paint sticking to the surface.  The best way to neutralize the soda media is plain old water then a good metal prep.  I haven't heard about it getting stuck under the dash but with some simple masking you can probably prevent this.

This is all second hand information but I hope it helps

The price has scared me away....

ol dirty doug:
i perfer the crushed walnut shells.   cheap and does not ruin the metal.


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