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shaker hood scoop

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It is do-able, but not cost justifiable. I did the work myself, thera re a few things to consider.

I'm Packing a windsor 408, so my deck height is litle high, so I have t cut the fiberglass air cleaner down to size.
You may find a conflict with the hood braces, I cut into them during mockup. Then had to relocate then further back.
I have a 4 degree rear slope to the engine, getting the shaker level, centered, and to fit under the hood was a a challange.

I'm out of paint now and got the engine running yesterday, I should have the hood on 'sometime' in the future. email if you have specific questions.   

Looks like some good work RIK.  You guys simply amaze me with your skills. 

Thanks, It looks good. My project is at a standstill until some family matters get cleared up. It's sitting on jack stands patiently waiting on me to come back. I have a 302 in mine, I've looked at after market scoops and some are affordable, but I want to finish the back half of the car before I go back to the front. Thanks again and keep us posted on your project.

For those interested - here is the finished car...


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