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Seat Delete Kit


I'm taking out my back seats!  ;D

My dad ordered a seat delete kit for his 02' mustang gt. We got it in the mail very disappointed after spending $165 to get it. Needless to say, you can make this kit for under $50. So we got the outline and we are sending it back.

Time to customize right?
Of course it is!

I'm one of those girls who likes to play her music loud enough for the world to hear it, so needless to say, time to "pimp" the stang out.
The plans for this kit:
I'm going to take one of the boards and cut 2 circles out large enough to fit two 12" sub woofers in it and create a custom styled box extending from the backseat into the trunk. Everyone know the 94-98 body style trunks are only 12" tall so it takes a custom box for the trunk any ways. Lighting is going to be a big issue because i want to be able to show it off at a car show after my car is complete, this is where auto zone will prob. come in handy with their cute little strobe lights.
This project is already going on, i will hopefully get a hold of the subs this coming month and will be on my way to finishing it within the next month!  ;D

Don't steal my ideas guys  :P

Well the subwoofers have been changed to just one going right in the middle of the seat delete. Save some money and get one really good one thats all you need.

Anyways, I just bought my laptop for school, got to get a few things put on it like Microsoft word and what not then every penny will be put into getting my car completed. Oh I cant wait! ;D


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