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I have been trying to remove all the paint and trying to get some of the rust removed but it is harder than I thought I know you guys gave me some advise but cannot find the site so hook me up .

 I was also looking in the trunk of my car and found that one of the braces that are on the back look broke nad it looks like a easy tact weld but not sure tell me what you think. STANG OUT

hey guys I started to remove all the paint today and found some of the factory defects on the door I hope that I can get it all done because I would rather get it done so when it comes time to start on the body the real hard work of getting all that old craked paint off will be done. If you have any help that would help me get all that paint off in a safe and timely mannor please feel free to let me know. STANG OUT

The best way to strip paint and rust is with soda blasting. I have a friend who did it with a simple high pressure washer. The result was perfect and this method has the advantage to be environmental friendly so you could do it in your driveway. The only inconvenient is that you have to strip the whole car and prime it as soon as it is dries to prevent the rust to come back
You can also use non toxic chemical strippers. They are not as dangerous as they used to be but you still have to be carrefull to avoid any contact with your skin and it doesn't remove rust very good.
If you are not planing to sand or soda blast the car, you can use POR-15 products to neutralize the rust.
Here is the site you may be looking for:

I was thinking about soda blasting the car but the guy wants to charge me 125 an hour, and that is not something that I want to do  since it is so muh. I ma going to check out a sand blast machince tommorrow and I hope to get it and it get gone. thanks for the help,Help. STANG OUT

$125 an hour for that? I am sure you can find someone to do it for cheaper. If you can rent a sandblast machine and have the space and the car ready for that, it will be a very easy task. The worse part is the preparation of the body and have it primed in time.


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