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Restoring paint to 1986 GT need advice please!


 I'd love some help from you professionals!  I bought a 1986 GT for my wife from a friend that had the car from brand new. Mechanically she's almost perfect - everything kept up thought the years.  He had a paint job "slapped on" a number of years ago to stave off the rust, but she's been in storage (outside) for three years and the paint has started to go bad.  Lots of the "surface rust" but nothing that goes to the bare metal that I can see.  I took some nice shots of her so you guys can see the details.  I used my Smugmug photo site where you can get various zooms from wide angle to zoomed in where you can see individiual areas I'm talking about.  Just use the view pane for photo sizes to do this.
  Note the ding on the right rear above the tire - the only acutal dent.  Lots of just barely surface rust on the deck lid.  Also check out the surface rust starting to accumlulate all over the car. 
  This is my first restore since I restored my 62 Vette 30 years ago when I was a kid.  I've forgotten a lot!
 I'd love some tips on how to get started and the basic procedure, so I can get her prepped for paint.
   Here's the link to the photos:


The paint looks pretty oxidized, when I get cars like that I like ti strip them to the metal and use a 2K primer to seal all the impurities up after the body work is done so I don't have any splitting or lifting problems later. Your going to find that products are alot more expensive than they were thirty years ago. Luckily enough I think the paint today is alot easier to shoot than it used to be. Where are you I don't mind giving pointers if you need them.


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