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Replacing my seats?

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First off my motor for my driver power seat is making noise and when I try to adjust my seat it twist side ways and gets stuck so I asume that the motor is going bad and how hard are those to replace? Then The bottom of my seat ripped so the foam is coming out and the bars are starting to hurt my rear so I was wondering what is the newest mustang seats I can put in there? Any thought or ideas are always appreciated, Thanks.


The safest and most comfortable seats on the market are Recaro seats.  They are close to $300 each, but well worth it.  They sell cheaper ones too if you can't swing that kind of outgo. Take a look at them on this site.

you do realize you sent me to a baby seat web site?

I don't think they will be very confortable fot the driver  :D
You can find more Recaro seats for your Mustang here:

ebay has them as well


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