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didnt ford have semi-gloss on all the parts that were painted separate from the car? if not what wasnt semi gloss?

I believe you are right about everything being semi-gloss.  At least it is on my '65.  Yeah, even when perfectly dry, when you pop those hubcaps back on, it will scratch the paint, but it won't show from the outside.  That's just another reason to prime.  Usually the black paint will be scratched, but the primer will remain, giving you some rust protection. 

awesome. thanks glen :) i presume its the same w the inner fender aprons too?

Ford had standards for paint on component parts most of which were supplied by sub-contractors (some were owned by Ford) and incoming inspection was tighter on paint than the line inspection. In general the supplied parts painted black varied from 20 to 50 percent gloss. They were a bit more "glossier" than the engine compartment black. Fender wells were closer to flat black only because they were painted over insulation that was either sprayed on or brushed on, eg, more texture. Spray can paint is usually in supplied in either gloss, semi-gloss, satin or flat. I would recomend not using gloss or flat on Mustangs (the exception may be flat black in fender wells). If you have access to satin and semi-gloss, use the shiner one on components and the flatter one for the engine compartment just for the contrast.

i plan on using semi gloss for the majority of the black paint on the car


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