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recanvas/vinyl 72 mustang top


Hey all I'm pretty new with this classic car recovery world, my Dad has a 72 convertible that he wants to give to me if I can get the car safetied.  It currently will not pass safety because the trunk bed has almost completely rusted out; there is a metal shop in my town though that can take care of cutting the piece though.

My major problem is not with the safety though, its with the convertible roof.  The covering is frayed at the seams and the back windshield is just hanging there... And I cant find any resources for recovering a pre 90s mustang at all, except for maybe

If I'm in the wrong place a link to a forum more suitable would be most appreciated


You are in the right place.  Most all of the Mustang supply places carry convertible tops for the classics.  For instance, on page 237 of the Mustangs Unlimited Catalog, you can buy a vert top.  Give them a call at  1-888-398-9898
If the metal is still good, just refurbish it by painting it, then add the new cloth top and back window that comes with it.  Here are just a few other sources for buying a new top.   You can also buy frames and wells from these places.
Texas Mustang-  1-800-527-1588
NPD (National Parts Depot) 1-800-368-6451
Give us a holler if you still can't find what you are looking for. 


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