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Is there an easier way of taking the seat cushion out of a fastback mustang. I lift and pull forward like the manual says, but it doesn't release. I don't want to strain my back or get a hernia either so I have to be careful how I do this? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

To remove the rear seat, push down and back about the same time. Drink a beer and try again. A hernia is part of the remedy. And yes, your back will suffer too, if you lift and pull. The retainers looks like a two inch wide angle iron piece bent slightly to the rear at the top. That's why the down, to clear the bend, and posh back to remove - then up.

Tried that and it didn't work. Probably not enough horsepower. Is there any other way or is that it.

You push down on the front of the seat to release the hook, then shove it back toward the trunk area to release the hook from the latch.  Drink another Shiner Helles Lager, then try it again.  If all fails go to the Army surplus store and buy two hand grenades.  Place them both in the middle of the hump, pulll the pins and run like hell.  When you get back, your back seat will be removed, I guarantee it. 

yeah you gotta do a back and up motion to get it out



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