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Painting the interior panels


This is my first post.

I have a 65' fastback that I am restoring and I am in the process of painting the interior back panels. I already have the correct paint color, buti  am having trouble getting the enamel to stick to the panels. Any suggestions?

Use a good hot soapy water to wash it down, then rinse it and let it dry well.  The best soap I can recommend is the Dawn dish washing brand.  This recommendation is based on if the panels are metal.  If they are plastic, then you need to use either plasticoat or vinyl paint. 

Hi, I was wondering how the painting of the panels worked out for you? I am thinking about doing that to mine.

Try Krud Kutter. You can get it in the paint department at Home Depot. It is a paint remover/cleaner and be careful with it as it may work too well. As with any non-petroleum based cleaner, rinse the surface well with water and let it dry at least overnight. Paint in warm weather (does the sun shine in Socal?). Another thing to try is Goof Off. I used this a couple of times on metal surfaces, but not on fiberglass or plastic.


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