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Im almost ready for a paint job, and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about any really nice paint colors/designs. My pockets aren't that deep so im looking for something maybe $600 - $1000.

I was thinking myself to get a dark blue on the bottom, not to dark though and re-painting the hood, roof, trunk, and above the doors white again. The spoiler and everything else would be a the dark blue.

It sounds like you are asking for opinions, so here is mine.  Take a look at the interior color and see if the blue will go with it.  And, personally I do not like Mustangs to be two-toned.  If you are going to paint it blue, then paint the entire car blue.  But, you could add some accents like a black spoiler and mirrors.  That's my 2 cents.   ;D

personally I would like to stay away from black. My first car was a 94 V6 mustang and was black in color. I had the hardest time keeping that car clean. I like the idea of the two colors because of the body kit on it, i also thought about painting the whole car a deep orange color.

Yeah, I guess you have a point about the body kit.   If you could somehow paint it on the computer then look at it before you actually painted it, that would keep you from making a mistake.  Surely there is some software out there just for this purpose. 

Yeah but purchasing the software is not exactly what i want to do lol


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