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I stiping my car down to bare metal for a paint job in the spring what is the best way to strip the car down, chemical or sand, also is 40 grit a bit much?

I prefer plastic media blasting. Find a local shop that does it, arrange to get the car primed immediately after and then you can see what body work you need to do.

Either that or find a shop that uses soda to blast it.  It is nothing more than Arm and Hammer baking soda, but it is environmentally friendly, and you don't run the risk of warping the metal like sand would.  Now, if you have a ton of hours on your hand, and nothing to do during the winter months, then the sand paper way is probably a little cheaper, but hell on the muscles.  The last method I would use would be chemical.  It is not environmentally friendly.  It is also very messy.

do you know of any places that do soda blasting?


Here's a couple, search the web under media blasting, Dallas TX, there are several more


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