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paint on a convertible top?

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Looks like my body shop got a droplet of paint on my black top when they painted the quarter panel and wiped off most of it.Suggestions for removing the rest(maybe using a hand brush,very light scrape with a razor blade?)something that would abrade the material?chemical?Thanks.

I had the same problem with a VW beetle convertible and I used a plastic scraper to take it off. It took me many hours but the final result was very good. There is probably a better solution but if you have time to loose and don't get better help than mine, this will work.

i have found you can take paint thinner and water it down. i use a gallon of water and about 1/4 a cup of paint thinner it didnt not eat the top nor fade it out. it took akot of elbow grease to get it out but it did work great. Also u can contact any auto paniters and they have a cleaner they use to get it off, If you call yours and they dont have it let me know and ill get the name of for you and if i can get my hands on some i can try and shipping you some it.

now that i have joined your forum watch out cause im a post whore and will ask a million question about mustangs. lol i dont spam forums i ask questions and reply to them if i can or know the anwser. looking forward to reading new post have a great one guys and remember post so i can have some thing to do while im at work lol

Thank you for the response and kind offer.I had pretty good results with a plastic putty knife.The car is due for a bath so I might  some of your solution idea on the residue first.


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