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paint on a convertible top?

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brad01red wrote:
now that i have joined your forum watch out cause im a post whore and will ask a million question about mustangs. lol i dont spam forums i ask questions and reply to them if i can or know the anwser. looking forward to reading new post have a great one guys and remember post so i can have some thing to do while im at work lol
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This forum was into hibernation all summer and I hope you will continue "spaming" us with your questions and help to bring it back to life  :-D

lol like i said i like to ask alot of question an i hope i can bring it back to life, looks like a great forum so far i have already got aot useful ideas off here  :-)

Good that the plastic scrapper idea worked for you. I was not really in for the paint thinner idea, coz u really have to very cautious otherwise you can jus make a patch out of the whole thing and it wud look really bad. You have to be real good at using it...

is the top vinyl or cloth, id try soap and water and a wash rag or a stiff tooth brush first


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