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Im wondering if anybody can shed some light on a few topics for me?  first  I spent pretty much the whole weekend aligning  up the fenders and buckets and the hood, speaking of the hood any step by step instructions on how to get that to fit, I have new hinges and springs and this is the first time I had closed the hood, This is my thoughts its getting ready for paint and with all the trouble I had putting in together I can't imagine doing it with a new paint job, Any thoughts on this?  what to do!    67 Mustang Coupe restomod

it is trial and error and sometimes tedious

for panel alignment i like to use paint sticks(they will help give you an even alignment all around)

Thanks I have finish with body panels and now im on to the trunk and hood,  Hey suggestions on how I can pin or mark the panel before paint, so it would be easier to install them sfter paint is done?   

pin as in hood scoops?

first off you need to get the hood like you want it aligned, then you add the pins to the radiator core support

to make the place on the hood you can put a little white paint etc on the top of the pins then slowly lower the hood down(the grease will sitck where the pins stick and you can drill there. i recommend drilling the holes before paint as after the paint if when you drill through it could crack the new paint make it flake etc

Can anyone explain it in detail?


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