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ok so the time for my paint job is finally getting closer. i am thinking of painting her a light pewter metallic with the mach 1 "hockey sticks" and all of the decals/emblems obviously. just asking what ya guys would think of this or any other color suggestions. Thanks.

im a sucker for sunburst orange.  ::)

Personally, I like the bright colors on Mustangs, but the choice of color is 100% yours, and yours alone. 

well i like the bright colors too, but only to an extent. I do not enjoy being a cop magnet, and also i kind of want a color that isnt too popular because i dont want just "another mach 1" i see almost all of them being red or blue and i dont want to be just like all the other ones. i know the decision is mine but i was just looking for any other color suggestions for me to think about.

If you like the subdued colors, there was a dark gray that came out in 03 that I almost bought.  Research the 03 colors. 


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