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Okay my defualt pic is pretty much how my car looks.


Its a 1995 but i want it to look like the 1999 body style.. i was staring at the 1999 and 1995 bodystyles side by side and im thinking to achieve the look id have to install the 1999 style head and tail lights and change the hood to the 1999 look. I think this would help dramatically. my question is are those parts interchangable? will i have a hard time installing them if i pick up those parts of ebay? Or is there a tutorial on how to get your 95 mustang to look more like the 99 body style? any tips or suggestions you'd like to offer i would really appreciate. Please and thank you.

I'm not sure anybody on this forum can answer your question since it is such an unusual question.  If I were you, I would take a tape measure to a junk yard and do some serious measuring of not only a 99, but also your 95 to make sure the hood and lamps will fit.  Just thinking logically, I would say no, but you never know.  If they do fit, I would think the parts would be cheaper at a junk yard than from an auction off Ebay.  Shipping a hood would cost you an arm and a leg. 


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