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Need some advice about my spoiler

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Hi, I have a s197 Mustang GT. On Christmas Eve I drove across town in the snow to get snow tires. This went perfectly except that I needed to turn around in an unplowed sidestreet about a block from the tire shop. Of course I got stuck and someone got out of his truck to help. In the process he managed to knock off my spoiler. He said his hand slipped and knocked off. I don't know if that is the case or if he actually pushed on it but either way, it's kinda wrecked. I called Ford to see what it would cost for a new spoiler and it is $300.00. I'm not sure if that is painted, but I'm guessing not. I also phoned wreckers, hoping to find a silver one but could only find black, red, and yellow. I also looked online and found sites that sell primered spoilers. I was also considering buying a Shelby GT500 spoiler instead because it looks better, although I like the look of the stock GT one too. Since price is the primary issue here, I also considered popping the non-broken side of the spoiler back on and using epoxy to glue the other side back together but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I'll attach a couple pictures of the spoiler mounts.
I was hoping for some advice on the most inexpensive way to do this, or hoping that maybe someone had seen a silver one at a wrecker somewhere.
I'd appreciate the help, thanks,

Actually, I really like the black spoiler with a contrasting body color.
Here is a pic of my Mach1 to give you an idea of how it would look on your silver car.  Superglue ain't gonna cut it.  ;D  Get a new spoiler. 

Someone else has suggested that too. I don't really want a black spoiler on my car although I don't mind the look of it. I guess it will sure look better than a couple bolts sticking out of a bunch of tar on my trunk lid though! I can always get it repainted down the road.

I think the black spoiler makes the car look meaner than a spoiler with the same color as the car.  To each his own. 

you can fiberglass a new foot to repair it, id keep an eye on ebay pick up one the correct color


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