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My Roush New Night Look


I was following my wife one night about a month ago and i noticed that it was a shame that my Roush looked like a regular GT at night from the back, not that there is something wrong with GT, but i just wanted my Roush to be as noticeable as the day time, so I decided to add this New Roush Exhaust and Emblem Night Kit to make it stand out at night and at the same time be safer by being more noticeable to other drivers.

What do you guys think of my new Auto Night Emblem and Exhaust Upgrade??

I could not figure out how to post a picture of the final look here, can someone help?

Itís in my signature pic or go to my photoBucket if you want to see more.

I can't really say. I like the looks of my car to be understated compared to the performance. If you like it, enjoy it, that's what matters.


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