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medium red x candyapple red


Hello fellas,
Is there any difference between the "medium red" and the "candyapple red" exterior color?
Both means a T code, but why two differente names?
My mach 70 has "medium red" at the marti report.

The Marti report is correct.  There were no candy apple reds in 1970.  The medium red is the factory red color for a 1970.

Hey soaring, how you doing?

Look what i found minutes ago:

So seems like they just wanted use different names for the same color, according with the model (BOSS and SHELBY).
They used the "candyapple red" for the expensive ones and rarest. ;D
So i presume that the expression "candyapple red"  sounds better and adds more value to the vehicle than a simple, poor and usual "medium red"....  :P :o :o


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