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I think this should go under body work.


The other day I was discussing cars with my co-worker and we got on the subject of my mustang (actually anyone who talks with me for more than 30 minutes hears about my car at least once).  He said that he too had picked up a 67 coupe from a family member but that it was a little 'different' than most.  When I asked for more details he wouldnt tell me but instead e-mailed me this picture.

From what i'm told its a 67 Coupe on a 69 Bronco chassis with 31" tires.  

Just when I thought I had seen it all in life.  He says that there are two of them that he knows of, the one he has and the other one the guy built.  The scary thing is that part of me wants to buy this for the shock value.

I am not much into trucks but this would be a good way to see me driving one of them lol
I am happy only 2 Mustangs were sacrified to build this but it's interesting to hear stories like this one. Do you know when they were built?
What about your own Mustang any picture of it?


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