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Well due to a series of unfortunate events I am finding myself in the position to have to replace the floor pans in my 70 coupe without help. I have the two long pans. I have the tools to do it but I need advice about how to do go about doing it. I have a general idea of what I think I need to do but any advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

Work on one pan at a time.  Drill out the spot welds, take the old pan out, put the new pan in, weld it, seam seal it and paint it.  When you spot weld the new pan in, weld a spot, then move to the other side and weld a spot, then at each end.  Now go back and spot weld every 3 or 4 inches, then go back and fill in the blank spaces.  That way you won't warp the pan. Now, do the other side.  Check the hump and toe boards carefull while you have it torn down.  If they have some rust on them, you might want to use POR 15 or some other rust inhibitor/encapsulator on the rust before painting them. 

the problem is that it is the original floor and its not going to be a spot weld thing at least around the hump, im going to have to cut it out, any advice for how to go about doing that to make it look clean and keep it strong considering it is a large part of the body's rigidity

Go to a tool rental place and rent a plasma cutter.  Mark the line where you want to cut with chalk, and use the plasma cutter.  It is slickern snot on glass.  ;D  If not, then a reciprocal saw would work, just not as clean of a cut.  Do not, under any circumstances use a cutting torch. 
Be sure you check underneath for the fuel line and get it out of the way before cutting. 

I moved this topic to Bodywork and paint section because the original poster posted the same thing twice.  That is a no-no.  You are only going to have one section where you can post your one question.  Not two or three. 


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