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I have been put in the position in which I have to replace the floorpans of my 70 coupe by myself and I need advice on how to go about doing it. I have the tools and a general idea of what I want to do but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I recomend two restoration books (there are others):
Mustang Restoration Handbook, by Don Taylor and Tom Wilson, ISBN 0-89586-402-9
How To Restore Your Mustang, by Larry Dobbs and Donald Farr, ISBN 0-96249-084-9
Try National Parts Depot - or your other favorite Mustang parts store, Amazon, or
Get a copy of the 1970 Mustang Shop Manual.
I also recomend for special welding tools.
The best advice I can give is to make measurements of your tooling holes based on the info in the Shop Manual, and do one side at a time.


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