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help on rolling or cutting inner fenders


Im looking for some insight on if I should do this or not, I put on a 255x50x17s on the rear of my 67 Mustang coupe, I know its a big tire but when I lower about 1 to 2 inches it will be pefect, the fronts will have 225x50x15. heres my question whats the best way to roll the inner rear fender lip orshould get out my cutoff wheel and cut a little bit off I only need 1/4 to 3/8 maybe for this wheel to fit. That maybe way to much I check closer when I set the car down any help would be great  Thanks Jeff

you can use a baseball bat and slowly roll the car forward with the bat in the fender well.
make sure to heat the paint up with a haird dryer to reduce the chance of paint cracking

Ok, let's get this perfectly clear.  Are you talking about the inner fender clearance, or the outer lip of the rear quarter panel above the tire,  or both? 


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