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Headlight haze?

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Anyone have luck removing the oxidation of old plastic headlights?

I have had some luck with the plastic polish. It's in the automotive section with the other cleaners. I've used it on the outside of the headlights when the gloss is off the plastic. Just like when you polish aluminum you have keep doing it.

Tooth paste will work also.

if you have acess to a buffer you can wetsand and buff them back clear....
also if you have a paint gun you can wetsand and clear them

to help prevent composite headlights from turning yellow wax them when you wax your car ;)

Sure.  I use plastic polish for headlights - NOVUS 2.  But other brands are out there as well.  I just saw where Meguiar's now has a polish specific for headlight polishing.  Its real easy to do if you have a buffer...if not, then you'll have to use your arms and elbows. 

What's nice about having plastic polish around is that it will polish lots more than just headlights.  I used it to remove the swirls the dealer couldn't get out of my paint.  If you get scratches on your cluster gauge plastic window it will remove those as well.  Its great for small scatches and scuffs, but hard to remove deep scratches.

Get some.   You'll like it. :D


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