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I bought me a 1969 Mustang coupe with a 302 and a 3 speed automatic transmission, the body is is good shape but i dont know where to start or where to get help.  Any help or advice is welcome if anyone could help me out email me at

well how is your machanic skills? start dismanting everything ,take pics and mark everything. then start sanding.

some body shop will allow you to make payments until they have room for you car..if you wanna go that route. I paid 700 for a quater panal installed but that was 7 years ago...

Uh ive never really done much along the car line but i have already pulled the engine, transmission, seats, dash, and gas tank.  Im starting to sand the body but i have a spot rusted out in the trunk and a hole in the floorpan.  Any advice on what to do along those lines?  I already checked with a shop and it would be a couple thousand to fix those problems and primer the car and Im still in high school and dont have a lot of money.

trunks anf floor pans a easy to do. you have differnt options iether get a full trunk of sections as well as the floor pan. plus if you have a small cheap welder you can practice  your skill cause nobody will see the oops.

Do you have a auto body shop in your school? If so talk to the teacher and sometimes they will take poeples car to have the students work on it for free.


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