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Do you have or heard of this problem with a 1996 Mustag Coupe?  Mine is dark Green.

I am wondering why the poll?  If you have a 96 with paint that is peeling, then check to see if there are any call backs by Ford for that year to reconcile the problem. I seriously doubt you are going to get any relief though after 12 years and God knows how many miles you have on that car.  Seriously, why did you post this?

 Yes even if the car spent its last 12 years in a garage under a tarp, I don't think Ford would do anything for a paint defect. When it was under warranty yes but not after so many years.

There was a similar problem with the 2003 Dark Shadow Grey Mustangs where the paint on the hood would bubble and flake off.  I believe they said the problem was with the initial priming of the panel.  You may want to refer to this.  There was an official TSB and recall for the effected vehicles.

Hope this helps.

its a common problem the clear starts separating from the base its called lifting


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