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Factory paint defect

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OK, now I understand.  It's the clearcoat that is separating from the base coat.  Yeah, we see that a lot with not only Ford, but other makes as well.  Unfortunately, it starts happening after the warranty runs out in most cases.  However, I am starting to see cars that have a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty being sold.  Now, that's a warranty I could live with.  My Mach only had a 3 year 30,000.  But, in most cases, the warranty only covers the mechanical parts and not the body. 

yeah normally the life of warranty is over before the paint ever has any problems. average life expectancy is about 8 years for a single stage urethane compared to about 10 in bc/cc give or take

granted the way you store and take car of your car can make a huge difference. for example if you store it out of the sun and wax it regularly then it will extend the life significantly.

but if your like average joe blow that doesnt ever wash his car then you can really kill the paint

I just recently got in a car accident and i decided to paint my whole came out great.  now its a gun metal grey and i just recently bought a car cover to help protect my paint job.  So far so good on both the paint job and car cover...the quality of the cover is great, high recommend it.  i belive i got it on if you guys wanna check it out...

any suggestions on how to prolong the life of an aftermarket paint job????

The use of a car cover is not recomended on a newly painted car. Most paint companies and body shops recomend at least three months to allow the paint to cure. Want scratches? Want to paint your car again?

id wait a while to use the cover, and if you leave it out side honestly i think id leave it off, the wind will cause chaffing.

wait till the water stops beading up after the cars gets wet, then start a waxing to prolong the life and store indoor or at least under a car port to prolong the life


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