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I just recently got my Mustang out of the paint and body shop from a ugly accident and my car needed to repainted...gun metal grey.  My question is, will a car cover scratch or cause abraisons to the new fresh paint?  I just recently got a cover at and i dont want it to go to waste but i dont want any scratches

Would you put canvas diapers on a one week old child? Think about it. Give you car about three months for the paint to 'cure'. That means no car cover, no harsh washing, no brushing down and keep it out of the sun.

I absolutely agree with Jim.  Just put the car in the garage and forget about covering it for at least 3 months, and after that period of time, get a car cover that breathes and is soft cotton lined. 

if the car is stored out side i wouldnt use a cover in the first place. the cover will scratch the finish from being blown around in the wind


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