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What is the difference between the pink bondo and the green bondo I see a lot of body men using? Is the green called bondo or something else?

ol dirty doug:
nothing.... its just the color of the hardener, "bondo" as a trademark uses a red hardner and when mixxed turns pink. i hate the bonda brand, i use "rage" it uses a blue hardner and when mixxed turnd green. also rage is easier to use in my oppinion.  and "feather lite" is another brand that is very good.

OK, now I know. It is all in the hardner. I really did not know there were any other hardner for bondo. Thanks

is the curing strength of the green a bit weaker/slower than the pink, i have been using upol glazing putty and the pink cures in like 25 mins but the blue hardener with the same amount changes the colour completely from the original but seems to be taking ages to cure. frustrating when you want to get in and get it done. is there anywhere that sells the red part b on its own?


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