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Bodywork with a flux cored welder?

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 My wife bought me a flux cored wire welder instead of a MIG welder to fix the body work on my car and someone told me it will be useless for a car and I should replace it with a MIG one. I have a lot of patches on doors, fenders, rocker and quarters to weld and I would like to know your opinion about it. I don't mind spending extra time grinding after each weld but will they be strong enough and will it wrap the metal if there is no gas?

I use three different types of welding on my cars depending on the situation - gas, arc and wire with argon. Ford used a lot of spot welding and lead filler in the assembly line but none of those others, and they did not repair panels or do body work like we are faced with. Almost any type of panel welding is going to cause warpage so invest in some Eastwood welding aids, clips, clamps, etc, and practice, practice, practice.

 Yes, I will have to get a lot of metal before I can weld on the car. Thanks.

we have some heat repellant at work that we use for welding body panels. i work at an exhaust shop that does alittle bit of every thing. i'll find out the name of the stuff and tell you.

as far as flux core welding goes it's just a gassless wire mig (unlees i'm missing something).

 Thanks, the more stuff I get to make nicer welds the better it is.
Yes a flux core welder is a MIG one without the gas. The problem is that the gas is supposed to make cleaner and stronger welds. I don't have any structural parts to weld so I guess it won't be too bad but I will probably have to find a better one to fix the thicker metal of the floor.


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