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Bodywork with a flux cored welder?

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I first used a flux core welder and found that after some practice I got pretty good with it.Then after getting a MIG welder I found better control in ease of welding and less slag to clean up. So its a matter practice and patience 8)

 I did my first patch panel welds on a cheap car last week end and it went pretty good. I am still working on the car but I will post photos of my work soon. The pros will say I made a big mess but it will last much longer than bondo and after a lot of cleaning up with the grinder it doesn't look bad at all.

So... Where are the pics.  I Want to see how my Canadian friend welds .

 Well, like I said the welds are not perfect so I want to wait to be done to show the final result :)
I am painting the area with a roller and it takes a lot of time and work.
 Yes, I hear you saying "Is he nuts"?  :D This method is getting popular and the magazine "Hot Rod" painted a Ford Falcon with great results for a total cost of a $100. If you want to read the hundreds of pages in a forum discussion where it all started, it's here: Paint job on a budget

yeah ive seen that, thats crazily time consuming. personally id go for some 2k and a buffer :P


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