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Bodywork with a flux cored welder?

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 Yes, it took me for ever to paint with this method but I had to test it and now I know that I will never paint an entire car with a roller  :D
Here is the photos of my work. It looks crappy and it needs a few more coats of paint, wet sanding and a buffer but I think it will stay like it is. It will now pass the inspection and it will last a few years  ;D
The total cost for the job is only $80 including the paint and all the material used. The welder's cost is about $300.00 but a better one can be rented for a lot cheaper.
 For that price there is no excuse to fix holes with bondo   ;D

I'm wondering how much rust is on the other side.  Yeah, but with maybe another layer of paint and wet sanding she'll look pretty good, at least for a few years.  Good job Thierry!

 The location on the photos was the only one with holes but I had to sand and paint a few other places to remove surface rust. It looks worse on the pictures than when you look at the car but we'll buy a new one after the summer and until then we have a car that looks decent enough  ;D

Yeah, I'm surprised at how little rust there is if you use that as a daily driver in the winter with the salt covered roads.  I had a 316I Beamer in Germany for 4 years, and even though I bought used, it had very little rust after the 4 years, and the Krauts salt their roads heavily.  I found out that BMW dips their cars' bodies in zinc before painting them.  Works.......
But, the big three in the U.S. have no thought of having their cars last more than 4 or 5 years, so use as little rust prevention as possible.  I think if I bought a new car and had to drive it in the salted snow country, I would POR 15 the hell out of the undercarriage before I put one mile on it. 

 We only had this car since the past 3 years and before that it was used as a second car and was kept in a garage. That explains why there is not much rust. The holes I fixed came from a pin hole in the rocker panel under the door. Water came in from there and stayed in the back of the rocker.
 European cars have a 10 or more years warranty against rust perforation in Europe but I have seen German cars in Canada much younger than that with a lot of rust damage. 5 or 6 months driving on salted roads makes a big difference compared to the 2/3 months they have where I was based in Germany.


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