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While playing with my TV remote control last week end I saw a show explaining a new method to apply primer on a truck with a roller saving the need to have a paint gun and a compressor. The primer is then sanded to have a smouth finish. I missed the details and info about this process. Did anyone see the show or heared about this method. The show is called "Trucks" and was on "Spike TV".

was it when they were workig on the s10? If if were is probobly for small erea's. It the same princaple with a house.

Yes they were working on a small truck like that and they applied the primer on the bottom of the back of the cabin. My daily driver has some surface rust on the rear quarters and the bottom of the doors. If I find out what kind of primer they used I might save some money when I will send it for a new paint job.

as much time as it takes to apply with a roller let it flash and do it again to get enough coverage id rather just spray it on

 You are probably going to laugh at me but I am planing to do a new paint job for my Firebird with a roller :D. I know it sounds crazy but someone posted how to do this in a forum and the magazine hotrod tested it with great results for a total price of $98,00. There is a lot of work and it takes much longer than spray paint but if you have more time than money, this could be the solution.
 You can read Hotrod's article here:


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